Pixexid provides free stock photos that can be used for a variety of purposes, be it commercial or personal. The pictures can be edited, created upon or modified as you like. It is not necessary to mention the source of the image, although it is always appreciated, for it values the person who took some of their time to make it possible for you to have it.

Our photos can serve a great deal of situations, they can be shared, printed on any kind of material, used to design websites, marketing products, and so on. We don’t charge for our content, but donations of any amount are always welcome to help support the project costs and the contributing photographers.

Our users are encouraged to show their consideration to our hard work by not selling the content we offer for free without adding any value to it, not implying that people in the image endorse or recommend any product or cause specifically, not exposing identifiable people in offensive ways and not redistributing our content in other stock photos or wallpapers platforms.