Here we have some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need any further information not listed in here, please contact us at hello@pixexid.com.


What does Pixexid do?

Pixexid is a freet stock photo community that provides free images to be used anywhere, be it in print or on digital format.


Is there any license or restrictions to the use of Pixexid content?

Our images are provided under a license that allows you to use them for free, for personal or commercial purposes, without the need to mention the source. If you need more technical information on our license, please refer to the License page or to the Terms of Service.


I need images to promote my product or brand. Can I use Pixexid photos?

You can use Pixexid images for commercial purposes. You just have to keep in mind that logos, people, trademarks or other content shown in certain pictures may still be protected for privacy, copyright or trademark rights, which requires you to have a specific consent or permission to use it in certain cases, such as implying that people, brands or trademarks depicted in the photos are endorsing your product or supporting your cause.


How can I use Pixexid images on products that will be sold?

You can use our images on your products as long as you are not selling them as they are on our website. That means you can’t sell them as posters, postcards, t-shirts, cups or other goods if you don’t modify or add something to the picture. Also, you can’t sell or upload our content on other platforms.


Is attribution mandatory?

You don’t have to mention the source of the image or the photographer, although it is always appreciated if you link it to Pixexid or the artist who provided the image, as a way to acknowledge and value our efforts.


Are sponsored photos also free?

No, sponsored photos are images provided by our partners for purchase. When that is the case, you will be redirected to the page where you can purchase the image for use.


I have great pictures, can I contribute?

Yes! We always welcome partners who want to add to our database. You can create an account and upload your images under the Pixexid license. Once you submitted your images, our team will go through them and determine if they are in accordance to Pixexid standards, and the approved content will be published in our page and in our search engines. If you later need to delete any image that is not yet published, access your profile and look for a link to delete each image. If your picture is already on our home page or search engine, contact us at hello@pixexid.com. Keep in mind that if your image has already been downloaded by any user, the license can’t be revoked, and that person will continue to have the right to use it.


I have more questions about partnerships or other subjects.

Please, send us an email at hello@pixexid.com and we will be happy to help.