Pixexid was created to provide everyone with high-quality free stock photos that can be used under our license. We work hard to select, upload and organize the best content for our users. Although we do not charge for downloads, donations are always welcome as a way to express your appreciation, and it helps us keep up with this project. 

Our photos are free and new content is uploaded daily by contributing photographers or selected from free image websites, and carefully sorted to bring our users a wide range of photos with optimum resolution, in a platform that is organized and easy to use. 

Our founder is Ralph Nasand we count on contributions from many users and photographer partners to enrich our database. Our goal is to connect talented professionals and the general public, building bridges for creativity and cooperation, and collecting a wide variety of free stock photos to cover our users many different needs.

If you relate to our mission, you can contribute by uploading your own content, sharing Pixexid on social media or donating any amount.