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here you learn about all techniques used on 360 Photography and video.

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  • VIDEO: kodak pixpro az401 TEST

    cuts out a bit when zooming because it’s trying to silence the zoom mechanical parts and i prefer that over hearing noisy camera zoom sounds source

  • VIDEO: Insta 360 Nano Camera

    Laser has introduced the Insta360 Nano to its range of over 500 products! This 360° spherical camera lets you easily take panoramic photos or shoot 360° videos. Simply attach the camera to your iPhone and use the Insta360 Nano app to shoot or upload to Facebook. The Insta360 Nano is also able to shoot video…

  • VIDEO: THE DEAL – 360 Video

    THE DEAL – 360 Video, We’ve been filming this epic 360 video over the past week. We’ve taken the best action video moment to make the gun game world come to life, I hope you enjoy this 360 Video! 🔴Instagram 🔴FaceBook 🔴Twitter!/truemobster Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this possible Directed…

  • VIDEO: 360 Camera in an AIRPLANE BATHROOM

    DOWNLOAD BEME (it’s free) and add me; Music by MAXZWELL on on on source

  • VIDEO: Video Drone – DJI Spark Creating a 360 Degree Panorama the Spark 180 Degee Pano Mode!

    Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be looking at using the Microsoft ICE program to create 360 degree panorama from the DJI Sparks 180 degree pano mode by stitching together three sets of 180 degree pano images to see if it will work…

  • VIDEO: How to Create TINY PLANET Photos: Ricoh Theta S Tutorial!

    Ricoh Theta S on Amazon: Hey guys- super excited to bring you the very first of our 360 video tutorials! Today we will show you how to create an awesome tiny planet image using your RICOH THETA​ camera, and edit it on iPhone in just minutes. For Android users, you will want to use…

  • VIDEO: domemaster 2 equirectangular

    This 360 degree movie was converted from Domemaster using EQTANT free. source

  • VIDEO: Yi 360 VR new feature: remove yourself and people from 360° photo automatically in Android phone.

    Yi 360 Camera just release a new ninja feature on Android Phone – Invisible Me?!?! It let you automatically stitch people or yourself out from your Yi 360 photo while shooting. No more hide and seek! Watch full review of Yi 360 VR here: Get Yi 360 VR: Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere:…

  • VIDEO: 360 pano view cam

    first try with the 360 cam source

  • VIDEO: Baylor Virtual Tour: Community

    Follow Liz on an “incredible journey.” source