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here you learn about all techniques used on 360 Photography and video.

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  • VIDEO: Cara Edit Foto 360 Derajat Di Android ( Tiny Planet )

    . Bahan : source

  • VIDEO: Equirectangular Test

    Test of Equirectangular Camera Matrix for Bobby Ray. Animated video is next. source

  • VIDEO: How To Fix Facebook Not Recognising Your 360 Photo

    Is Facebook not recognising your photos as 360? The issue may be that they’re missing EXIF data- this tutorial will show you how to reinject this vital code back into your photos to make them Facebook friendly once again. The free software i used was: For more awesome 360ness: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:…

  • VIDEO: Hanger 360 Pano app for IOS

    A look at a new app for making those nice Pano pictures. source

  • VIDEO: Virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament

    Explore 1000 years of history with our virtual tour of the Palace of Westminster. Visit: source

  • VIDEO: Easy 360 Product Photos for Your Website For quick clean 360 product imaging peep @orangemonkieteam #Foldio360. A free iphone app communicates to a rotating product table via bluetooth. Choose the frame count and click record. The app takes a photo, rotates the table, and takes another photo. In the end you have a full 360 product image. Share to Social networks,…

  • VIDEO: Learn 360° Painting in Photoshop (Panoramic Painting)

    🎨 Shop For Curated Digital Art Resources: 👦 Facebook: ✏ Twitter: 📷 Instagram: source

  • VIDEO: Mais Gadgets XIAOMI? (Mipad 2 e Camera IP Mi 360)

    Aqui estão dois produtos Xiaomi interessantes, um mais conhecido já que é o tablet da Xiaomi e o outro que deve ser menos conhecido, ambos me chegaram pela Yoshop. Mais uma loja a ter método alternativo para Portugal Continental sem problemas com a alfandega. É sempre bom termos alternativas e mais lojas por onde escolher.…

  • VIDEO: Cámara Kodak Pixpro SL10

    Desempaque Cámara digital KODAK conexión Wifi para celular source

  • VIDEO: KODAK PIXPRO SP360: Scuba Diving (VR)

    360° Virtual Reality movie taken with PIXPRO SP360! Simply convert your videos to VR movies by PIXPRO PC software! Please download the software at source