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here you learn about all techniques used on 360 Photography and video.

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  • VIDEO: Камера Insta360 Nano. Распаковка и обзор камеры 360°

    Купить можно здесь: (Бесплатная доставка) ✅Гарантия 12 месяцев! ✅Виде… source

  • VIDEO: [ 4K, 360 Video ] Air Force Special Operations

    Members of Special Operations undergo extensive training to perform a variety of missions under extreme conditions. They can be deployed anywhere in the world at any time to get the job done. Special Ops Airmen are the Air Force’s elite ground combat force. They’re trained and equipped to engage with enemy combatants and high-value targets.…

  • VIDEO: First trial video with the new Samsung 360 camera in Singapore!

    We had a lot of fun at Marina Bay Sands today testing out the new Samsung 360 camera. The video is raw and unedited to evaluate its quality on both Facebook and Youtube. source

  • VIDEO: Interactive 360 Degree Drone Flying | Ricoh Theta S

    Something a little different and kind of special from me. Here is an interactive 360 degree flight over a property. You can use the mouse to move around the scene and see the flight from any angle you wish ! I’ve used my racing QuadCopter for this and was quite tricky to keep the machine…


    support the patreon! twitter! MY SHOP! instagram! side channel! tumblr! facebook, yo! other places to get my music! filmed and cinematography by Jamie, check out his videos! – music by monster rally! source

  • VIDEO: 360 graus feito no After Effects foto Equirectangular

    Edição rápida feita no After Effects, usando o plugin Horizon e uma imagem 360 Equirectangular para dar esse efeito. source

  • VIDEO: Photo 360° by Sfera

    Photo 360°is the first application on Android which can realize easily fantastic 360 degree photos. The sound around you can also be recorded during the shooting, which makes the photo “magical”. With Photo 360°you will have the ability to catch the time for a few seconds. You can also make a “3D object photo” by…

  • VIDEO: Niceboy Pano 360: unboxing a videopohled na kameru

    Pano je první 360° kamera od Niceboy. Recenze kamery na source

  • VIDEO: 3d Virtual Tour, 3d Architectural Renderings, Vision House 3d virtual animation tour developed for paladyhomes, UK building company, we can develop all kind of architectural project, please contact us at [email protected] source

  • VIDEO: Jewelry 360° Video: Fire Opal and Diamonds gold ring – photography and videography

    Finished recording one more post-production video from 360° Jewelry Video for jewelry photographers. This is the result, enjoy:-) Packing the course for Tuesday (04/26/16) release! Amazing gold ring with fire opal and diamonds made by Yael Designs source