VIDEO: How to take facebook 360 photos with your Phone and the Google Street View App

នេះជាការបង្រៀនថតរូប 36O Degrees ងាយ
In this Facebook 360 Photo tutorial, learn how to create 360 Photos for Facebook using just your phone or iPhone, by using the Google Street View app, you can take 360 photos, save them in your phone or iPhone photos app, and then upload them to Facebook as 360 Photos. When 360 photos are taken using the Google Street View app, Facebook will automatically recognize them as 360 photos, and they will automatically upload as 360 photos. This way you can shoot and create 360 photos using only your phone, and quickly get them onto Facebook.

The steps for creating Facebook 360 photos using just your iPhone are:
1) Download and install the Google Street View App
2) Using the app, open your camera and take a full 360 Photo
3) Save the photo, which will stitch it together and store it in your photos app
4) Upload the photo to Facebook, and it will automatically be uploaded as a Facebook 360 Photo
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