VIDEO: DIY 360 Product Photography – Iconasys Photography Turntables

DIY 360 Product Photography with Iconasys Photography Turntables and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software. How to create 360 Product Photography:
1. Place object on Photography Turntable
2. Enable Live View, Adjust Camera Settings and Set Focal Point
3. Pre-Rotate Photography Turntable 360-degrees to ensure object is positioned in the center, also while doing so, set the frame for the 360 image to be captured in
4. Set number of frames (per 360), hit start
5. Included Shutter Stream 360 Software will control Photography Turntable in a turn, stop, snap workflow and instantly upload the results to the software as they are captured
6. Batch edit set of 360 images, resize, rename and output an interactive and fully customizable 360 Product View in HTML5 format.

DIY 360 Product Photography has never been so fast, efficient and easy! Iconasys has 3 different size Photography Turntables available. Additional info can be found at:


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